Mary K. Baxter – A Divine Revelation of Deliverance

Find freedom from the attacks of Satan in your life! Mary K. Baxter received a series of visions from the Lord, in which powerful truths were revealed. Let these truths help you to overcome fear of the enemy, recognize and conquer Satanic traps, experience victory over sins and failures and intercede for the deliverance of others. 256 pages, softcover from Whitaker House.
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Mary K. Baxter – A Divine Revelation Of Angels

Angels are everywhere—in magazines and greeting cards, on television and jewelry. But do they really exist . . . and what are they like? Claiming to have encountered such celestial beings through dreams, visions, and revelations from God, Baxter recounts what she’s learned about these warrior messengers and the power of Christ. Best-selling author Mary Baxter describes dreams, visions, and revelations of angels that God has given her. Explore the fascinating dynamics of angelic beings–their appearance, their assigned functions and roles, and how they operate, not only in the heavenly realms, but also in our lives here on earth. God’s holy angels are magnificent beings who are His messengers and warriors sent to assist, sustain, protect, and deliver us through the power of Christ.
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C. Marvin Pate – Cuatro puntos de vista sobre el Apocalipsis

Cuatro Puntos de Vista sobre el Apocalipsis se enfoca específicamente en el libro de la Biblia del mismo nombre, y las formas básicas en que es leído y entendido hoy. Este libro toma cuatro interpretaciones del libro de Revelaciones, mostrando en que se basan dichas interpretaciones. Las cuatro interpretaciones son: Preterista, Idealista, Dispensacional Futurista Clásica, y la Dispensacional Progresiva. Cada una de ellas es presentada con su proposición principal en formato de diálogo y en forma interactiva.
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Beleaf – Red Pills + Black Sugar (2014)

Track List:
01. Red Pills – (prod. Jruckers)
02. Black Sugar – (prod. Jruckers)
03. Parellel – (prod. Ray Rock)
04. YouTopia – (prod. DJ REK)
05. Wings – feat. Torch & Kyra De’Nae (prod. Jruckers)
06. InJoy – feat Ruslan & John Givez (prod. Wontel)
07. Depressed – feat Mr. J.Medeiros, Jackie Hill, J Givens, Marty (of Social Club) (prod. Wontel)
08. Suicide Roll – prod. Gilbert Castellanos
09. Made For This – feat. ABIV (prod. ABIV, Jruckers, DJ REK)
10. Bigger Stronger – feat. Karim Bailey (prod. DJ REK)
11. Take NO Days Off – (prod. DJ REK & Beleaf)
12. W.O.W. – feat. John Givez (prod. DJ REK)
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Dwayne Tryumf – Live In Concert (2014)

Track List:
01. 777 Intro (Live)
02. I Don’t Pack a Matic (Live)
03. Roll out (Live) [feat. Pilgrim & Gyamma]
04. Thy Kingdom Come (feat. a Star, Tru2daname & Matthew Allen)
05. 777 (Live) [feat. Reign of Fire]
06. African Drum (Live)
07. Changed My World (Live) [feat. Matthew Allen]
08. Proverbs 31 Woman (Live) [feat. Matthew Allen]
09. This Is for You (Live) [feat. Jahaziel & Matthew Allen]
10. Never Be the Same (Live) [feat. Reign of Fire & Matthew Allen]
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Misty Edwards – Only a Shadow (Live) (2014) DVDRip

Track List:
01. Ezekiel 1 (Spontaneus)
02. Baptize My Heart (Live)
03. Only a Shadow (Live)
04. Shine Like the Stars (Live)
05. When You Think of Me (Live)
06. Selah (When You Think of Me)
07. God Is Love (Live)
08. I Will Waste My Life (Live)
09. Do You Know the Way You Move Me (Spontaneous)
10. Pour My Love on You (Live)
11. I Give It All (Live)
12. You Set Your Love on Me (Live)
13. I Love Your Ways (Live)
14. Between the Cherubim (Live)
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