K5 Kids – Sing Songs Of: Toby Mac (2011)

Does a kindergartner care who is famous and who isn’t? Does a 3rd grader really pay attention to lyrical content? The answer to both of these we have noticed is “No”. As parents we may or may not care who is famous but we definitely pay attention to the lyrical content. Kids on the other hand want to hear something that they can bounce around and sing along too while at the same time hear other kids singing songs.

In the mainstream music world the lines of what is appropriate and what isn’t for our children gets more and more unclear by the minute and in the Christian music world something with “Christian Lyrics” may be appropriate but it is not necessarily relevant to a small child. When looking at what is needed, we saw a huge void once kids graduated from Veggie Tales, Sesame Street etc they were just expected to listen to Hot 100 radio, High School Musical or Hannah Montana. We created a safe alternative to all of them, whether you or a person of faith or otherwise the bottom line is we all still want the best and safest content out there for our Children. Welcome to K5 Presents!

Track Listing:
01. Made To Love – The K5 Kids
02. I’m For You – The K5 Kids
03. Get Back Up – The K5 Kids
04. City On Our Knees – The K5 Kids
05. Gone – The K5 Kids
06. Lose My Soul – The K5 Kids
07. Hold On – The K5 Kids
08. Irene – The K5 Kids
09. I Know – Alli B
10. The Same – Alli B
11. Let It Out – Alli B
12. Feeling You Get – Alli B
13. Made The Choice – Alli B
14. You Met Me – Alli B
15. Back Again – Alli B
16. I Know You Hear Me – Alli B
17. My Daddy – Alli B
18. I Am Yours – Alli B



By Miguelon

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