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Gonzalo De León – Mi Carta de Presentación 2014

01. No Te Niego
02. Ocupo Mi Lugar
03. En Cristo
04. Licencia Lirical (Feat. Stydel)
05. Que Se Sienta (Feat. Punto Negro “El Creyente”)
06. No Me Apartare (Feat. Jaydan “El Que No Se Quita”)
07. Mi Proposito (Feat. Daniel “El Valiente”)
08. Su Nombre Es Jesus (Feat. Harold El Guerrero)
09. Esto Es Un Proceso (Feat. Micky Medina)
10. La Revolucion (Feat. Gerber El Creativo Musikal)
11. Provocando Tu Sonrisa (Feat. Michelle From Da Soul)
12. Sientelo (Feat. Andony “El Evangelista” & Samitto)
13. Musica De Cristo (Feat. Vito El Agradecido)
14. Quiero (Feat. Sr El Instrumento)

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Mr Del – Faith Walka 2013

Mr Del - Faith Walka (2013)

01. Da Moneyc
02. My God (Remix) [feat. Andale & D-Maub & Canton Jones & Breev Easy]
03. Sunglasses (feat. Rod G. Newman)
04. Easter Fresh (feat. Canton Jones)
05. Addicted (feat. Hee Sun Lee & Senoj)
06. Forcefield
07. Faith Bang (feat. Young Memphis)
08. Faith Work (feat. Young Memphis)
09. Losing my Religion (feat. T.A. & A. Marie & A-Roc)
10. Grateful
11. Forgot to Forgive (feat. Canton Jones)
12. I Believe (feat. James Robinson)
13. Die 4 U (feat. Andale & Senoj)

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The Barnes Family – Family Tree 2014

The Barnes Family - Family Tree (2014)

01. Family Tree
02. Dance (feat. Vincent Tharpe)
03. Wait (feat. Donald Hayes)
04. Dear Jesus (feat. Amber Bullock)
05. Give It Away
06. You Love
07. Give Love (feat. Pastor Eugene “Geno” Gibson)
08. Make Me Whole (feat. Lisa Knowles & Pastor Eugene “Geno” Gibson)
09. Rescue Me (feat. Preauxx)
10. Family Tree (“One Take”)
11. Another Way
12. I Wanna Be Ready
13. Coming Again

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Amy Grant – In Motion – The Remixes 2014

Amy Grant - In Motion - The Remixes (2014)

01. That’s What Love Is For ft. Chris Cox (Radio Edit)
02. Stay For Awhile ft. Tony Moran and Warren Rigg (Radio Mix)
03. You’re Not Alone ft. Guy Scheiman (Radio Edit)
04. Every Heartbeat ft. Moto Blanco (Radio Edit)
05. Better Than A Hallelujah ft. Mark Picchiotti (Gospel Radio Edit)
06. Find A Way ft. Ralphi Rosario (Big Room Radio Edit)
07. Baby Baby ft. Dave Audé (Radio Edit)
08. Say Once More ft. Hex Hector (Radio Edit)
09. Bonus Mix: Stay For A While ft. Tony Moran (DESTINATION Mixshow Edit)
10. Bonus Mix: Mega Mix ft. DJ Andy 7th Heaven

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Ragamuffin: Music Inspired By the Motion Picture (2014)

Ragamuffin: Music Inspired By the Motion Picture (2014)


1. Creed (Derek Webb)
2. If I Stand (Sidewalk Prophets)
3. Calling Out Your Name (Andrew Peterson)
4. I See You (Audrey Assad)
5. Land Of My Sojourn (Jars Of Clay)
6. Ready For The Storm (Leigh Nash)
7. Wounds Of Love (Mitch McVicker)
8. Cry The Name (Jill Phillips)
9. Peace (Andy Gullahorn)
10. The Love Of God (Matt Liechty)
11. Never Heard The Music (Rich Mullins)
12. Now (Rich Mullins)
13. A Message From The Filmmakers